We are all remarkable narrators. From the very moment we start making sense of our surroundings a narrative is born. Our experiences take shape in the form of the observations we make, the environmentswe are in, the encountersand events we participate and the influences we absorve, let them be directly or indirectly, they make up for a grand narrative.

In a way, what are we without a story? We all have one and weallaresurrounded by infinite ones.

Storytelling is thus a constant and a present act of communicationand the sharingof thoughts, ideas, experiences, knowledge and so forth, independent of how crazy or far-fetched they might be. Storytellingis simply the magical ticket for a world of endless possibilities.

Little onesembracestorytelling naturallyand it is mostly their favorite form of communication. Their narratives are driven by the enriching world of endless possibilities. They easily and unassumingly connect and blend the dots of both worldssimultaneously, embellishing the ones based ontheir personal and direct experiences with the ones based on a magical world of their own.

The beauty of storytelling by little ones is that it knowsno boundaries, there is always a touch of fascination andit is accompanied by genuine emotional attachment. Furthermore, there is alwaysa message to it, we simply have to reminiscence of those days whereonce upon a time,magic was everywhere and everything made sense regardless.