Don't tell me something I already know, tell me something I have never heared before.


1 Story =  > A Million 😊

By purchasing our book, not only are young children ultimately supporting little authors in sharing their stories and fantasies, but also providing future little authors with opportunities and inspiration into publishing their own.

You are also helping the disadvantaged children facing learning crisis, as with every purchase 2% of the proceeds are being donated into supporting literacy. And who knows, with a considerable amount of books being sold, like more than a thousand copies, there is the possibility of the books being translated into other languages. Thus, sharing the fun with more children!

But more importantly, you are boosting the confidence of little writers in assuring that there IS an ocean of audiences interested in hearing, and reading what they have to say.

We are inviting you into becoming an advocate in making Leron´s dream come true – or first little author who has actually inspired Sterna Paradisaea come to life – so that as much as possible children of the entire world read his book – and therefore supporting The International House Of Little Authors. Why not share the fun of storytelling?

We Aim To Be The Source For Children´s Story Telling

At the end, it is more than stories that we really aspire to achieve.

It is about those stories connecting children with children from all around the world through a book.

To learn about their rich cultural backgrounds, and to understand how their experiences have an effect in the way they feel and express themselves – how are those different environments creating different storytelling – and how those stories can truly be offered an opportunity in being memorable to many for a long-lasting time.

Do you remember a book that its story left you inspired or touched?

The Million-Mark Sales

And should we reach the million-mark sales, on our first published story, we would be thrilled to invite two little readers in not only meeting the author personally, but also choose the charity/charities of their choice for a donation of 10 000 books!

You see how much one story can make a difference to millions of readers?

Children do not need to limit themselves into
which story to write, because they are surrounded
by endless ones to tell.

– Fauzia Haun