Here is Sterni P

This happy little bird is one of the farthest traveling birds in the whole world. Did you know that in his lifetime, Sterni P will fly as far as if he flew to the moon and back…THREE TIMES! That’s right! Three times. You can see that he’s very resilient and adventurous. And he never gives up.

When Sterni P has a good idea, he tries it. When Sterni P wants to do something to make the world a better place, he does it. When they tell Sterni P he can’t, he asks, “Why not?” That’s because Sterni P believes in himself. He knows that his thoughts are important! In fact, Sterni P knows that his ideas and thoughts are just as important as anyone else’s! That’s why he always listens to his heart.

His bird calls are super cute, high-pitched and scratchy. And he loves to talk and play. He also likes getting cleaned up after a day of games and sport on the sandy beach. But don’t mess with his friends! He is very protective of his loved ones and never lets others hurt them.

Sterni P is also smart. He knows that even though his long, strong wings are perfect for flying, that’s not enough to get him everywhere he needs to go. So, Sterni P rides the winds! He jumps onto a fast-flowing wind stream to help him speed to places all over the world.

Sterni P is a Sterna Paradisaea (that’s Latin for Arctic Tern). Why “Arctic”? Because this little globe trotter flies back and forth from the North Pole to the South Pole every year. That’s more than 80,000 Kilometers! Every year! He loves flying through the bright blue sky on a warm, sunny summer day.

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