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Fauzia Haun


Excerpt of the original story

Like so many stories, ours started upon a wish. A wish from our son, at the time 6 years old, that his story be read by all the children of the world.

As parents, we have always encouraged our favorite little person, that nothing is impossible when you follow your heart’s true desire. That you can aim for anything you wish for, considering you never loose sight of what you are truly willing to achieve. So, it was with a thinly little surprise that my husband and I caught ourselves not knowing how to follow up on our son’s “why not”, as we tried to navigate with him the reasons of why his wish might “not be entirely possible” or easy to achieve…

Subsequently, after some back and forth of reasoning with him, his further response was, “then half of the children of the world”! And so, just like that, it began this adventurous journey that it was all so new to us.

Leron, has always loved stories and we have been reading for him since he was three months old. We have also enjoyed making up stories and let our fantasies take us to places as crazy and magical as they could go. And in this way, the moment he started learning to write, he began writing his own little stories.


It was in the early months of the 2020 pandemic, with a strict lockdown taking place here in Munich and where we were all hopeful that soon everything would normalize. Homeschooling hasn’t immediately prove challenging for us, as we were yet enjoying the “unlimited” togetherness as a family that we normally didn’t have, and it was fun having the freedom to do as we please for a time.  

Leron’s first storybook was written by him and further developed by the three of us during this time. I guess, this is one of those moments when you say that in the end, something good came out of it after all, or those are the moments when you simply and unquestionably grasp your hearts’ desire and watch where it guides you to.

After the manuscript has been developed, we have sent it to all the children books’ publishing houses that we knew and have been refused by all of them. Undeterred, we have decided to self-publish it and along the way, the idea of The International House Of Little Authors has been borne.

We truly hope that you enjoy visiting this website and would like to be part of something magical.