There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million.

Walt Streightiff


The International House Of Little Authors came to life upon a wish of a little author that would like to see his story read by as many children possible in the entire world.

And we aspire to be able to do just that – to this little author and to many other little ones that share the same yearning.

In this way, The International House Of Little Authors seek to connect the world with the most magical, fun, joyful, heartening, crazy, hilarious, enchanted, comical, entertaining stories written from children from all around the globe, and along the way build an international community based on learning, sharing and empathy.

Stories are formidable tools of engagement that offers a seamless connectedness of minds open to explore new and different realms. They do not only entertain or bring us closer, they too, enrich and elevate our sense of self and the importance of understanding the sense of others.

How is a day in a life for a Princess in Africa to a Princess in Sweden? What are the challenges facing a Pirate from Columbia to a Pirate from England? Children from different parts of the world cultivate amazing and diverse narratives thanks to their very personal forms of expression.

Those forms of expression are based and influenced by their surroundings and the environments they live in, shaping their values, beliefs and attitudes.

The International House Of Little Authors is all about the beauty of the different perceptions of realities, progressive thinking, empathy, acceptance and a tickling curiosity.