Our Story

Where the magic starts

The International House Of Little Authors

Our Story

Like so many stories, ours started upon a wish.

A wish from our son, at the time 6 years old, that his story be read by all the children of the world.

As parents, we have always encouraged our favorite little person, that nothing is impossible when you follow your heart’s true desire. That you can aim for anything you wish for, considering you never loose sight of what you are truly willing to achieve.

So, it was with a thinly little surprise that my husband and I caught ourselves not knowing how to follow up on our son’s “why not”, as we tried to navigate with him the reasons of why his wish might “not be entirely possible” or easy to achieve…

Subsequently, after some back and forth of reasoning with him, his further response was, “then half of the children of the world”! And so, just like that, it began this adventurous journey that it is was all so new to us.

The Beauty Of A Story Is That You Can Always Wish For A Happy Ending

Leron, has always loved stories and we have been reading for him since he was three months old. We have also enjoyed making up stories and let our fantasies take us to places as crazy and magical as they could go. And in this way, the moment he started learning to write, he began writing his own little stories.



The Start Of Something Beautiful

It was in the early months of the 2020 pandemic, with a strict lockdown taking place in Munich, and where we were all hopeful that soon everything would normalize.

Homeschooling hasn’t immediately proved challenging for us, as we were yet enjoying the “unlimited” togetherness as a family that we normally didn’t have, and it was fun having the freedom to do as we please for a time.

Leron’s first storybook was written by him and further developed by the three of us during this time. I guess, this is one of those moments when you say that in the end, something good came out of it after all, or those are the moments when you simply and unquestionably grasp your hearts´ desire and watch where it guides you to.

After the manuscript has been developed, we have sent it to all the children books’ publishing houses that we knew and turned down by almost all of them. Undeterred, we have decided to self-publish it and along the way, the idea of The International House Of Little Authors has been borne.

We truly hope that you enjoy visiting our website and would like to be part of something magical.

Our Purpose

Where the magic starts

The International House Of Little Authors

Our Purpose

To start something beautiful, with beautiful souls through beautiful means. To connect those beautiful souls with their fascinating tales on enchanting and various ways.

To navigate through their fantasies and dive into their magical places of limitless possibilities, to understand their thought processes, be impacted by their experiences, learn to live their pace and comprehend that this time, is their time.

To listen to their stories, that perhaps are better understood by their audiences, and acknowledge that this time, is often admittedly a very quick passing. A pit stop, so to say, where innocence is allowed to be silly and free spirited without a care in the world. As it should be.

Every One story shared, has an impact to Millions of little beings. It can also have an impact to millions of big ones!

The capacity to put down in words, other realms of life with fantastic tales, independent of their narratives, is an art for itself. It is a soul purpose in a way, that needs to be shared to whoever is willing to listen and to join them in a common journey.

One walks hand in hand, through distances of space but within a millisecond of connectedness. Stories, have an impact towards us, no matter how long ago it has been written. It creates an emotion, it shares a thought process or a phantasy, it enlightens our perceptions, it teaches and leave us with something special to take with us along the way. You become, you are.

Our Purpose, is thus, to be supportive to as many little sharers of words as possible. To those who can already do, to those who would love to and to those that are willing to discover the power of it.

Thank you for taking the time.

Fauzia Haun

One must not forget to
“look at life with the eyes of a child”

– Henri Matisse

Sterna Paradiseaa

Where Young Minds Come to Create

We are a publishing platform for books by kids, for kids. At Sterna Paradisaea, we empower children around the world aged 5-10 to tell their stories and develop a unique voice.

We strive to encourage literacy, intercultural connectedness, and imagination. We see the value in saying “yes” to children’s ideas and ambitions, regardless of where they’re from or what their life experience has been.

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Why Sterna Paradisaea

The Arctic Tern is a perfect picture of what delights us most about children. Sterna Paradisaea (latin for Arctic Tern), are energetic globetrotters, fearlessly flying from pole to pole as the seasons change. We hope to encourage this kind of eager curiosity and growth in everyone we reach with the art of storytelling.

Just like these whimsical birds, creative kids are unique, inquisitive, adventurous forces of nature. We can’t wait to help launch the stories that grow in the clever, playful minds of little authors.

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Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or patron, there are plenty of ways to get involved at Sterna Paradisaea. Shop our books, submit your child’s story, or reach out about other opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you!

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The International House Of Little Authors

Where the magic starts

The International House Of Little Authors


The International House Of Little Authors

The International House Of Little Authors came to life upon a wish of a little author that would like to see his story read by as many children possible in the entire world. And we aspire to be able to do just that – to this little author and to many other little ones that share the same wish.

We seek to connect the world with the most magical, fun, joyful, heartening, crazy, hilarious, enchanted, comical, entertaining stories written from children from all around the globe, and along the way build an international community based on learning, sharing and empathy.

A Simple Word, Like Love, Has The Capacity

To Connect The Entire World

Stories are formidable tools of engagement that offers a seamless connectedness of minds open to explore new and different realms. They do not only entertain or bring us closer, they too, enrich and elevate our sense of self and the importance of understanding the sense of others.

How is a day in a life for a Princess in Africa to a Princess in Sweden? What are the challenges facing a Pirate from Columbia to a Pirate from England? Children from different parts of the world cultivate amazing and diverse narratives thanks to their very personal forms of expression.

A Thousand Ways To Talk About A Day

In A Rabbit´s Life

Those forms of expression are based and influenced by their surroundings and the environments they live in, shaping their values, beliefs and attitudes.

Isn´t it then possible that a simple pink dress or a plain blue shoe be worn in a million different ways?


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